vrijdag 29 april 2022


Welcome to this website about the project SAMEN hbo Verpleegkunde (Together Nursing)!


A project conducted by 15 Universities of Applied Sciences who offers a Bachelor of Nursing. 

This project is a continuation of the flagship project that ran from February 2017 to March 2018.

This project was funded in part by a grant from the OCW incentive scheme implemented by SURF, Open Educational Resources pillar.

On this website we share the following information about our project, accessible from the menu at the top of this website:

Project: what prompted this project and what was our mission?
Organization: how was the project organized?
Platform: which ICT platform was used and how was it set up?
Quality: what improvements were made?
Process: how was the process of selection to open publication of educational resources set up at the institutions?
Community: what have we done to create a professional community?
Marketing: how did we publicise the project?
Lessons learned: what lessons can we formulate as a result of this project?
Research: research into how the community can contribute to the open sharing of educational resources among instructors.
Moving forward together: the story continues...

For further questions or information, please use the contact form.

This website will be completed in the coming weeks. The results of a short survey have yet to be processed in this site. For that reason a date of last change is given below. You can then see on your return whether anything has changed since your last visit.

We hope that the information on this site can help you in your own activities to share learning materials within your own institution or between institutions.